Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Welcome to Victorious Notebook!

Welcome to the blog!

I'm Hayley, the author of this new website. It is a "spinoff," if you will, of my first blog Victorious Heroine. While VH is a great website for me to express my opinions on certain topics, share some of my day-to-day life experiences, and give updates about my spiritual walk, I also wanted a blog that gives me the freedom to be more of a "book nerd." 

I'm incredibly interested in writing and reading literature (as well as modern books) and I'd like Victorious Notebook to be a place where I can:
  • Write book reviews (and perhaps art and film reviews)
  • Share updates on my own writing projects (I have several ideas for essays, short stories, plays, and even a couple of novels that I would love for you to see.)
  • Post excerpts from said writing projects
  • Welcome others to give constructive criticism on my writing (Yes, I want constructive criticism from anyone who is willing to give it. I think that developing writing style takes personal practice, but it can also be helped with others' opinions.)
This blog may also include many more things, but for now, that is my vision for what I want Victorious Notebook to be. 

Within the next few days/weeks, I hope to have already posted some book reviews and a couple of excerpts from my writing projects. Pretty soon, I'd like to make specific goals for myself so that I can further progress in the projects and continue to read great books.

What I'd like your role to be, reader, is to give constructive criticism, comments, suggestions, or even questions to ANYTHING that is posted on this blog. You can write a comment about one of my book reviews, saying what you thought about the book. You can give a suggestion on the plot, setting, or character development on any one of my writing projects that I share. You can even give suggestions on how I can improve my writing in general. I am completely open to all suggestions and criticism. (Of course, I do welcome the criticism when it is kind and appropriate.)

You've probably already noticed that I have a contact form on the right side of this page. That is for when you have a suggestion, comment, or question that you would rather send directly to me instead of commenting on a post. If you would like to keep up with what I am reading, I have a Goodreads widget (titled "2014 Reading Challenge") on the side of this post as well, which shows how many books I have read this year.

If you are interested in seeing other posts that are unrelated to my reading and writing projects, check out my other blog, Victorious Heroine. The link is at the top of the page. 

Thank you so much for stopping by, and stay tuned for more posts in the near future!

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